Thursday, 16 June 2011

Assess yourself in 5 mins to know your temperament

Have you ever wondered why you cannot change certain things about yourself no matter how hard you try, that is because you are an individual with a unique nature.  You need to understand that there are 4 different temperament personalities and you are a combination of all in different percentages.
The characteristic of each temperament cannot be overemphasized; they have got their strengths and weaknesses.  Let’s look at them one after the other;



The Melancholy personality has the following characteristics;
They are perfectionists and introverts
They are very emotional and have mood swings
They are good thinkers and solution providers
They are highly creative in activities such as art and poetry
They are very intelligent and have a good imaginative capability
They are independent and self –reliant but also egocentric.
They always want to do things right; e.g. being punctual, neat, well behaved etc.
They are result oriented and are not very patient
They prefer solitude; they do better alone than in a team
They usually have a feeling of depression and self pity and are often pessimistic.
They do not accept defeat; they don’t want to be a second fiddle
It takes time for them to recover from loses, tragedy and humiliation
They often forget about others when involved in something; they hate being interrupted.
They are not sociable; so they are not party goers
They are silent revengers
They are more prone to suicide than any other temperament personality

We can infer that, Melancholic people are;
better as Followers than as Leaders
better as Artisans than as Politicians
better as Instrumentalists than as dancers


To some, Sanguine is the direct opposite of Melancholy
They are sociable and fun to be with
They are extroverted in nature
They are cheerful and optimistic
They are good conversationalists
They are bold, self confident and persuasive
They are garrulous and gregarious
They are playful, forgetful and a little sarcastic
They always want to try out new things e.g. new places, people, attires, hobbies, interests, food etc.
They are unstable and nonchalant e.g. they are chronically late, not organised and hardly care about what people think about them.
They are hyperactive
They easily get into relationships but can hardly keep them
They sensitive, compassionate and thoughtful
They call for attention and always want to be applauded

We can infer that people with the sanguine personality are;
better as comedians than as analysts
better as  singers and dancers than as writers
          good ‘Masters of Ceremonies’ and event organizers


 Let’s see who they are;
They are very hardworking and result oriented
They believe in action and hence are very good activists
They are more autocratic than democratic
They are organized and want everything to be done their way
They are workaholic and strategic
They are passionate, energetic and ambitious and always try to instill it in others
They are domineering and often times not flexible
They are charismatic leaders and politicians
They love to dictate the pace for others to follow
They are very bossy and coercive
They don’t tolerate nonsense
They are often bullies and always want to have their way or be on top of the game
They are usually busy and can multi-task
They are not receptive because they believe their opinion is the best.
They are likely to be proud

We can infer that choleric people are;
better as military men than as civilians
better as leaders than as followers
better as bosses than as subordinates
         better as husbands than as wives


To some, Phlegmatic is the direct opposite of Choleric; let’s have a look at some of their characteristics;
They are cool, calm and collected
They are accommodating and affectionate
They are rational, observant and curious
They are shy and receptive
They are respectful, self-content and kind
They easily give up
They humble and submissive
They are consistent
They try their best and leave the rest
They shy away from competitions
Sometimes, they are not easily understood by other temperaments because of their deep nature.
They are unpredictable and sensitive
They can also be passive and sometimes aggressive
We can infer that, phlegmatic people are;
better administrators
better as spectators than as participants
the best followers of all the 4 temperaments

A man is a composed of all 4 but in different percentages which vary depending on the current situation, environment, or stage of one’s life, but usually one is dominant. For example;

From the above diagram, we can see that the dominating temperament is Melancholy, followed by Sanguine while the rest are in traces.

No temperament is the best and none is the worst, it is their respective combinations that make us unique individuals. No two persons have the same percentage of combinations no matter how biologically linked they are. Just recognize who you are, appreciate people for who they are, work on your strengths and try to see how your immediate community can benefit from you. The only thing that makes you to be you is actually in you.  
Just be real!!!
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Now tell me what your temperament is

Sunday, 12 June 2011

The 5 major ingredients of a lasting relationship

Be it a relationship, courtship or marriage, if these ingredients are not there to spice it up, it will come crashing down in no time.

Partners must spend time together no matter how tight their schedule is to know each other properly, understand their individual values and seek for ways to harmonize them.  They should know individual likes, dislikes, favourites, hobbies and interests.  This could be done in various ways; picnics, watching TV or games together, seeing a movie, engaging in sports together, visiting tourist sites, etc.

Don’t be deceived, love or sex does not keep a relationship, understanding does, especially in marriage.  Accepting your partner for who he/she is helps to prevent avoidable clashes that can lead to break-ups. You cannot always be right, learn to forgive each other and learn from past mistakes.  Understanding keeps a relationship when the chips are down.Don’t be egocentricshare everything together because your partner is your fire proof.

Being faithful to your partner is a priceless and uncommon virtue. Being open and sincere even when it hurts would make your partner treasure you forever.  Commitment builds trust, it makes both partners responsible and accountable and also reduces the risk of contracting STDs.

Communication sustains relationships especially when long distance is involved.  It strengthens the bond and it is the fuel that keeps the fire burning.  It is a way of reassuring your partner that you are always there.  You must discuss on how to let go off the past, survive the present and prepare for the future.

Compatibility is the ability to coexist but in this context the coexistence needs to be amicable. Compatibility is not devoid of problems and quarrels, it is not a natural phenomenon; it takes deliberate working out from both partners.  It works like the lock and key hypothesis of enzyme-substrate reactions.  To be a perfect match, you will need to cut down some excesses at some points and also ‘add on’ at some other. Looking for a perfect person is an endless search, instead, Strive towards perfection.

There is no one way to a perfect relationship, how you apply the fundamental principles and learn from experiences is what matters.  


Why not share with the world what you think can build a successful relationship

Monday, 6 June 2011

Some facts about life

You need to know these facts about life
Life does not have a definite meaning because of its ambiguity. Every moment spent defines itself. It could be beautiful, miserable, wonderful and so on, depending on the circumstance. Just appreciate the moments you’ve got and face life just as it is.

Life is like a game, unless you understand it and play by the rules, you will always be a loser and since you cannot completely understand it, just try to stay on the game, refuse to be beaten.

In life, don’t beg for fame, be famous, don’t beg for honour, be honoured, don’t beg for respect, be respected, don’t beg for money, have it, don’t beg for love, be loved, the only thing worth begging for is your life.

Life does not ask for your permission before messing you up, so don’t ask for life’s permission before dealing with it.

Life is always right, we don’t usually have much of a choice, most times we accept what it gives.

You can do something about your character by changing them, but you can hardly do something about your nature because that is your ground state.