Saturday, 3 September 2011

Say 50 prayer points in 3mins


O Lord!

  1. Cover my nudity with your beauty
  2. Turn my mediocrity to your sovereignty
  3. Let my race be at your pace
  4. Shower my praise with your grace
  5. Give me unction, I want to function
  6. Ignite my passion for your mission
  7. Let me have a portion in your mansion
  8. Let my action reflect your decision
  9. Erase my transgression and save me from damnation
  10. Let me decrease that you may increase
  11. In you I find peace, please don’t let it cease
  12. Help me to preach to as much as I can reach
  13. Give me boldness that I may fear no darkness
  14. Let me see your goodness and walk in greatness
  15. Turn my sadness into gladness
  16. Accept my offering and end my suffering
  17. Give my life a meaning, keep it from demeaning
  18. Turn my story to your glory
  19. Show me your mercy when things get messy
  20. Fight my enemy with your army
  21. Grant me wisdom to seek your kingdom
  22. Fan my faith, lest I will faint
  23. Bless me now, let people ask me how?
  24. Bless my future with your treasure
  25. Change my world with your word
  26. Scatter my foes with your blows
  27. Transform my gloom into bloom
  28. Control my wheel at your will
  29. Fuel my desire to burn like fire
  30. Guard my way that I may not sway
  31. Wipe my tears and end my fears
  32. Show me favour even as I labour
  33. Bless me more than ever before
  34. You are my potter, don’t let me shatter
  35. Make me the best even among the rest
  36. I surrender, don’t make me wander
  37. Take my all, don’t let me fall
  38. When I sleep, you have my soul to keep
  39. Let me succeed even as I proceed
  40. Crown my worship as my lordship
  41. Lord I am dry, please hear my cry
  42. I’ll know no sorrow and I will not borrow
  43. My journey may be rough, Lord teach me to be tough
  44. Remove my shame and save my name
  45. Let me hear your voice to help make my choice
  46. In you I trust, please don’t let me rust
  47. I will enjoy because you are my joy
  48. You know my plight, please shine your light
  49. You are my creator, be my protector
  50. Teach me how to pray, I don’t want to be a prey

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    1. This is great.

    2. Thanks Tosin, so were you able to make it in 3mins?

    3. This is awesome, may the Lord continue to inspire you