Monday, 6 June 2011

Some facts about life

You need to know these facts about life
Life does not have a definite meaning because of its ambiguity. Every moment spent defines itself. It could be beautiful, miserable, wonderful and so on, depending on the circumstance. Just appreciate the moments you’ve got and face life just as it is.

Life is like a game, unless you understand it and play by the rules, you will always be a loser and since you cannot completely understand it, just try to stay on the game, refuse to be beaten.

In life, don’t beg for fame, be famous, don’t beg for honour, be honoured, don’t beg for respect, be respected, don’t beg for money, have it, don’t beg for love, be loved, the only thing worth begging for is your life.

Life does not ask for your permission before messing you up, so don’t ask for life’s permission before dealing with it.

Life is always right, we don’t usually have much of a choice, most times we accept what it gives.

You can do something about your character by changing them, but you can hardly do something about your nature because that is your ground state.

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  1. Sincerely, life has taught me a lot of lessons and i would still want to learn more from you, what has life taught u?