Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Life is Everything

If Life is a race, run it
If Life is a book, read it
If Life is a contest, win it
If Life is a jungle, survive it
If Life is a puzzle, solve it
If Life is a risk, take it
If Life is a game, play it
If Life is a gift, cherish it
If Life is a challenge, face it
If Life is a lesson, learn it
If Life is a battle, fight it
If Life is a journey, travel it
If Life is a struggle, resist it
If Life is a privilege, appreciate it
If Life is a mountain, subdue it
If Life is a bridge, cross it
If Life is a mystery, phantom it
If Life is an adventure, tour it
If Life is a code, decipher it
If Life is an opportunity, use it

If life is all these and even more, then there’s more to life than meets the eye and imagination. There is no precise definition for life neither is there one thing that represents it.  However it is, make sure you are not just living or existing but making a difference and impacting your immediate environment. 

This is not all that life represents, so share with us, what you think about life by placing your comments below

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

30 ways to say “GOODBYE” to an ugly PAST

How to break from your past

Imagine your past is something you can feel or touch, something you can see face to face.
 face to face with your past
Look at it straight in the eyes and say the following
  1. You were not my mistake but my lesson
  2. You were not my regret but my experience
  3. You were not my waste, you showed me worth
  4. You were not my folly but improved my wisdom
  5. You were not my stupidity, you made me clever
  6. You were not a curse but a blessing in disguise
  7. You were not worthless, you taught me value
  8. You were not my failure, you showed me winning ways
  9. You were not a wrong decision, you exposed the right choice
  10. You were not my ignorance, you gave more knowledge
  11. You were not my error; you only proved that I am human
  12. You were the shame that pushed me to glory
  13. You were the missing piece I needed to get my puzzle right
  14. You were the necessary suffering for my future comfort
  15. You were the story behind my glory
  16. You were the pain behind my gain
  17. You were the sorrow behind my joy
  18. You were the tears behind my laughter
  19. You were the training needed to secure my future
  20. You were the foundation needed for my edifice
  21. You were the mess that passed the message
  22. You were the signpost directing me to my glorious destination
  23. You were the test needed for my testimony
  24. You were so rough that you made me so tough
  25. You didn’t dash my hopes, you raised my expectations
  26. You didn’t batter me, you taught me resilience
  27. You didn’t deal with me, you taught me strength
  28. You didn’t take advantage of me, you corrected my vulnerability
  29. You didn’t kill my dream; you woke me from my slumber
  30. You didn’t blindfold me, You developed my insight
You wanted us to be together but I’m sorry time would not permit, don’t waste your time trying to hold on to me, we’re no more on the same level; you are now behind while I am ahead. Your role in my life is over, you are no longer significant, I have paid for your services, you can now retire to where you belong because your appointment is terminated; farewell my past.

do not weep for me for I am in safe hands now; I am free at last to embrace my bright, promising and rewarding future.  Adieu mon passé

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Friday, 2 March 2012

Do not beg for these things - NEVER!

  • Don’t beg for respect, earn it
  • Don’t beg to lead, merit it
  • Don’t beg for recognition, get noticed
  • Don’t beg for honour, be honoured
  • Don’t beg for riches, acquire it
  • Don’t beg for your right, demand it
  • Don’t beg for fame, let it speak
  • Don’t beg for job, create it
  • Don’t beg for promotion, deserve it
  • Don’t beg for success, achieve it
  • Don't beg for power, be worthy of it
  • Don’t beg for money continuously, work for it
  • Don’t beg for friendship, request it
  • Don’t beg for idea, conceive it
  • Don’t beg for love, win it
  • Don’t beg for salvation, get it free

The only thing that is worth begging for is your life because the moment you lose it, all is gone and there is no alternative!!!
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