Friday, 2 March 2012

Do not beg for these things - NEVER!

  • Don’t beg for respect, earn it
  • Don’t beg to lead, merit it
  • Don’t beg for recognition, get noticed
  • Don’t beg for honour, be honoured
  • Don’t beg for riches, acquire it
  • Don’t beg for your right, demand it
  • Don’t beg for fame, let it speak
  • Don’t beg for job, create it
  • Don’t beg for promotion, deserve it
  • Don’t beg for success, achieve it
  • Don't beg for power, be worthy of it
  • Don’t beg for money continuously, work for it
  • Don’t beg for friendship, request it
  • Don’t beg for idea, conceive it
  • Don’t beg for love, win it
  • Don’t beg for salvation, get it free

The only thing that is worth begging for is your life because the moment you lose it, all is gone and there is no alternative!!!
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1 comment:

  1. These are things not worth begging for, maintain your integrity and your dignity, the sky would be your springing board