Monday, 4 July 2011


When we cry

We wear ourselves out, we feel pain and depression, we think life is unjust and does not make sense, let us know that no matter how long we cry, our tears  would not be enough to drown our problems or make them flow away. Let us wipe our tears to see clearly the solution coming our way, weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning

We are happy and we want the feeling to last longer. Let us enjoy the moment while it lasts because life is not a bed of roses

When we laugh
When we fall

It is not the end of the world, we shouldn’t give up on ourselves or remain in the dust; we should get up and forge ahead because the road to the top is never smooth.

Let us see it as an opportunity to lift others up and not trample upon them because nobody knows tomorrow

When we rise
When we lose

It doesn’t make us losers in life, though defeat is bitter, we don’t have to fight; there will always be another time to prove ourselves

Let us celebrate because victory is sweet but we should remember we won because someone better than us wasn’t  there
When we win
When we fail

It does not make us failures, let us learn from our mistakes and move on. There is no successful person that has never failed in one way or the other

Let us rejoice; we shouldn’t think we have arrived because success is a journey and not a destination, we should keep breaking our own record

When we succeed
When we climb

Let us do it with caution because the higher we go, the more dangerous it is to fall; the more challenges we face

Let us know that we must serve and not abuse the power vested on us and take advantage of others

 When we lead
When we give

Let us do it with all humility and cheerfulness because the more we give, the more we receive

Let us believe that we will receive answers, without double-mindedness, let us keep our faith strong
When we pray
When we love

Let it be real and unconditional; let us love with all sincerity

Let us do it with all diligence and without coercion
When we work
When we err

Let us accept it, beg for forgiveness, learn from it and never repeat it

Let us live a purposeful life, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Let us know that it is for a short time
When we live
When we die

It is all over, the kind of life we live is what speaks for us when we are gone


  1. Medass, what about when we fly

  2. When you fly, do more than that, soar instead because that is the only way you can be exceptional, learn from the eagles